An ominous picture of the neighbor’s dog has become an even more terrifying meme.

Dogs are naturally curious. But this quality is most clearly manifested by dogs living outside the city. In nature, hunting instincts wake up in a stronger way than their fellow tribesmen living in city apartments.

But our today’s hero is distinguished from many other dogs by her miniature size. And at the same time, despite the size, it can still scare people. And the dog appeared on the Web, thanks to one of the Twitter user who sees him every day on his fence. And, as you can see, this is a terrible sight.

The guy suggested making the funny dog a meme hero, as the best cure for fear is humor. The idea was accepted by the users and the post scored a large number of likes. At the same time, users showed enough imagination by using the photo of the dog as a meme.

They turned him into various movie characters, for example, they turned him into the hero of the cult film “Joker”, in which he looked extremely good. But at the same time, the question remains open for users what the user thinks of his strange neighbor.

After all, you must admit that it is unpleasant, every time looking out of the window, to see such a picture. Unless, the expression on the face of this dog changes sometimes. What do you think?

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