Joan Macdonald weighed 90 kg by the time she was 70. She was also taking a lot of medication to cope with her illnesses: hypertension, high cholesterol and acid reflux (acid from the stomach was entering the oesophagus). The doctors said she had to change her lifestyle or increase her medication.

Joan decided it was time for a change. She called her daughter Michelle, who owns a sports club in Mexico. The daughter was glad that her mother finally took the initiative and agreed to help her.

Joan flew to Mexico. She started doing physical exercises and learned about healthy eating. Two weeks later, the woman returned to Canada and began to use the knowledge she received from her daughter.

She started with walking as a way of cardio training, then started yoga classes and strength exercises. In six months, she lost 20 kg.

A woman goes to the gym five times a week. She switched from three meals a day to five meals. Eats in small portions. Her diet consists of grains, vegetables and meat. Joan is feeling much better now. The woman stopped taking medications, arthritis does not bother her, and she became more energetic.

Joan inspires women of all ages around the world. She says it’s never too late to change. She gives advice to women who want to change something in their lives, but do not know how to do it – “believe that it is possible!”

Joan recommends that women over 40 look for coaches who will guide them in sports. She also suggests studying with a group of people who are determined to become stronger and healthier. Working with like-minded people gave her strength when she wanted to give up.

“I hope that more women my age will accept help from others and appreciate their interest in your changes. Even if you can’t turn back the clock, you can start it again,” says Joan.

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