An Eight-Year-Old Girl Went Out with a Placard and Collected 79,500 Dollars for Sick People

An eight-year-old girl walked the streets with a placard in her hands and raised $79,500 for sick children.


Addie Bryan was born with a rare condition, Larsen syndrome. She could not develop normally because of dislocated joints in her legs. She was treated at Children’s Hospital in Texas for several years. Within a few years, Addie underwent four surgeries. By the age of eight, she had learned to walk and even run.

The girl decided to thank the hospital for its help. She celebrated her eighth birthday in a special way. Addie made a sign that said, “On my birthday, I want to raise $8,000 for the children at my hospital in Texas!” For several days she stood outside with her mother, collecting donations.

The girl’s desire to help children became known in different parts of the country and the world. She managed to raise $19,500. Then someone donated $50,000. In the end, Addie raised $79,500. The girl says she really hopes this money will help the children heal faster.

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