After the horrors of war, this man was going to kiss his life goodbye until he met a tiny kitten who needed warmth and love

Following the horrors of war, this man was on the verge of giving up on life until he encountered a tiny kitten in need of warmth and affection, and their meeting changed everything.


There are moments in life after which people sometimes give up. Like Josh, who came back from the war. His life then seemed to him to be over as a result of psychological post-traumatic stress disorder.

Josh did not know how to live on, the experiences of the war did not let him go, and there was no one to support him since he was alone in this world.

And one day the guy decided to commit suicide. Finally decided to smoke the last cigarette in his life, for which he went out on the porch.

It was raining in the dark of the night, and the guy felt that this very horror of life was coming at him from all sides of its black wall… All of a sudden, a little, ruffled woolen ball came at his feet!

It was a wet and frozen kitten that hugged Josh’s leg like it was begging him not to leave. Josh bent over, patted the kitten, and realized he’d never seen it before.

Two lonely souls met: a kitten in need of warmth and a desperate man.

Josh thought it was a wet black and white, barely a living thing sent to him to save himself and the kitten, and that only this kitten knew how to deal with a man’s heartache.

« It occurred to me that if I could take care of this creature, there would be someone for me to help me, too. It means there’s a place for hope! «  said Josh later. He took the kitten home and called it Scout.

But then one day he came home from work and found that Scout was gone. The guy was everywhere looking for the cat, calling for him – but it was all for nothing. So he had another wound that didn’t heal.

It was difficult to predict Josh’s future, but luckily he met a girl named Becky, who managed to fill his spiritual void.

The young people somehow found out that an open day was being held in one of the nearby animal shelters to find new homes for the shelter’s inhabitants. Josh and Becky decided to give one of the inhabitants of the shelter a house.

“We were walking along with the cages with cats when suddenly a paw came out of one cage and hit me on the left hand,” Josh said later with tears in his eyes.

“I turned my head and saw my Scout, who once saved my life! I grabbed him in my arms with a desire to never let go …”

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