A regular customer of one of the restaurants in Texas always quarreled with the waitresses. And only one of them patiently endured all his antics. After the man’s death, it turned out that he had left a surprise for the most patient waitress.

Walter, an 89-year-old World War II veteran, visited a local restaurant in Brownsville. He had been going to the restaurant for seven years, and for seven years in a row he tormented the waitresses: complaining loudly and swearing. No one wanted to serve him except for Melina Salazar. Perhaps his words hurt her, but the waitress never showed it. She always remained friendly and unruffled.

Melina recalls: “He was unhappy with everything and demanded very hot food. If the food wasn’t hot enough, he demanded it be reheated!”. Herself, she says that she was patient and simply cared for the elderly man.

During the summer season, the woman noticed that Walter hadn’t come to the restaurant in a while. Later, she discovered an obituary in the local newspaper.

A surprise twist of fate was presented to Melina a few months before Christmas. During one of her shifts at the restaurant, a lawyer came in and informed her that Walter had left her not only his Buick 2000 but also $50,000 in cash in his will!

Melina didn’t even expect that her years of patience would be rewarded.

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