A unique case: a mother gave birth to three children in one year… and they are not triplets!

In 2019, Stephanie Hansen could only dream of adding to her family, but in 2020, the American became… a mother with many children! Stephanie’s first daughter was born on 28 January 2020. Hansen named her long-awaited heiress Daphne.

The new mama didn’t even have time to enjoy the first months of motherhood, when after 15 weeks she got the shocking news: she is pregnant again! This time it turned out that Stephanie is expecting twins.

Stephanie Hansen’s unique case was explained by certified geneticist Christine Greves as follows

After pregnancy, women do not always know their exact cycle. You can get pregnant after giving birth even if you don’t think you are ovulating.

Stephanie’s second pregnancy was much more difficult than the first. Being pregnant with twins, Hansen could not stop wondering how Daphne would feel about the birth of her sisters. She wanted to give her heiress all her attention and care, but she realised that once the babies were born, it would be very difficult.

The twins Penelope and Ruby were born on 8 December 2020. To the joy of the mother of many children, Daphne welcomed the girls with great joy. She is now 2 years old and the babies are 15 months old. The sisters are all getting on very well and look just like triplets!

Today I realise it was the sweetest shock of my life when I found out about my second pregnancy! – Stephanie fondly confessed.

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