A police officer assisted a homeless person with shaving and finding employment.


This story happened in the American state of Florida. A homeless man named Phil really wanted to get a job as a janitor at McDonald’s. To do this, he needed to clean himself up.

The man managed to get clean clothes and wanted to shave. He found a razor, but it turned out to be broken. Then Phil turned to police officer Carlson for help. He fixed the razor, but Phil didn’t have a mirror. The officer once again came to the rescue and helped the homeless man shave right on the street. “I wanted to help the unemployed man. This was a chance for him to get a job, he just needed to look neat,” recalls the police officer.

The video was posted on the police department’s Facebook page.

The story didn’t end there. The owner of the Mcdonald’s branch told the publication TODAY that Phil successfully passed the interview, but he did not have an ID card. And in order to get it, he lacked other documents.

And then again people who cared came to the aid. After a Facebook post, a video of Phil and a policeman went viral, and one of the users helped the tramp find his missing documents.

Now Phil has an ID card, and he has a long-awaited job!

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