A police officer adopted a child of a homeless drug addict.

California cop adopts daughter of homeless woman battling addiction


California police officer Jesse Whitten is the father of three daughters. In addition to that, he recently adopted one more, a newborn. He was convinced to do so by the child’s homeless mother.

Jesse met a homeless woman junkie while patrolling the neighborhood. “Whenever I met her on patrol, I tried to talk to her. We developed a strange friendship,” Jesse recalls.

One day Jesse was driving with his wife, Ashley, in the car. She saw a homeless woman pregnant and told her husband. Jesse stopped and asked her: “Are you pregnant?” The woman replied, “Yes.”

Some time later, he received a call from the police out of the blue while he was at a party with his family. The homeless woman herself asked the police to get in touch with him.

She said she gave birth and asked the Whitten couple to adopt the baby. “I knew you had daughters. I knew you had a tough character, but you’re a fair person,” Jessie recalled the woman saying.

Six months after the birth of the girl, the policeman officially became the father of the child. “I have mixed feelings: joy on one side and a sad story on the other.” “An amazing story,” his wife Ashley added.

Now the little girl is surrounded by the love of her new parents and three older sisters.

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