A pensioner took a ticket on a cruise ship and has been living there for 13 years

Morton Jablin retired in 2007, and despite all expectations, his family decided to buy a ticket on a cruise ship. Everyone thought they would see Morton again in a few months at most, but he never went ashore and has lived on the ship for 13 years. Morton had devoted his whole life to his work, and in retirement his business brought in a good income.

But his little ones had long since grown up, and life in the big house was becoming more and more boring for him. This liner had everything a person could possibly need, from movie theaters to casinos, not to mention cafes, swimming pools, libraries, and gyms. Morton researched cruise fares and suddenly realized that traveling on a liner would be cheaper than staying in a comfortable nursing home.

So he sold his business, deposited the proceeds, and used the interest to pay for his cruises. He didn’t want to go ashore and the crew quickly got used to this unusual traveler. It was one of the best decisions of his life.

“Why to stay in one place when you can see everything,” Morton told reporters. Morton’s family accepted his decision. They realized that the man would be more content on the liner and from time to time they go to a completely different port to see each other.

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