A mother discovers that her children have offended the bus driver and decides to teach them a lesson.

A woman discovers that her children have shown disrespect to the bus driver and teaches them a lesson.

A woman had two elementary school-aged children.

One day she received a call from the teacher.

The teacher informed her of something she would never have expected: her children had been rude to the bus driver that morning.

The man had kindly asked them to remain seated during the ride, but both boys responded:

“You don’t have to tell us what to do. You’re just the driver and you’re supposed to take us to school. You’re not a parent or a teacher!”

Upon hearing these words, the mother felt a deep sadness.

She wanted to do something to correct her children’s behavior, but she realized that scolding them or explaining that they had made a mistake would not be enough.

So she decided to teach them a lesson they would not forget.

When the children returned home, she said:

“I got a call from school today. The teacher told me what you did on the bus this morning.”

Both looked at each other confused and annoyed, but the woman continued:

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. You insulted the driver and acted very disrespectfully. He could have made you get out and walk to school, and you would have deserved it. That’s not how I taught you to treat others, especially those who work. No more buses for you: from now on you will walk to school, even when it rains.”

They tried to justify themselves, but their mother, though reluctant, would not listen to their explanations.

The next morning, with backpacks on their shoulders, they walked the two kilometers to school.

Mother accompanied them on foot to make sure they were safe.

After two hours they reached their destination, by which time the older of the two said:

“You were right, Mother, we were being very silly, going to school is very tiring… The driver is doing an important job for us, and today we will go and ask him to forgive us. We’ll never behave like that again, I promise.”

The child nodded, and the mother was relieved: it all worked out.

This story is based on a real event.

Sometimes there is nothing more effective than a lesson to teach children respect.

This mother chose a harsh method, but her children won’t forget it.

What do you think? Did she do the right thing or was she too harsh?

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