A man heard a kitten crying loudly behind a rubbish bin and decided to rescue it, but didn’t expect to have to return soon

In early November 2017, a Flatbush Cats shelter volunteer heard a kitten meow behind a rubbish bin as he walked past. According to him, it was the loudest cat cry he had heard in his life. “The little cat was meowing as hard as it could, hiding behind the rubbish bin, and it could be heard several blocks away from that place,” the volunteer reported. Even though there was no more place in the shelter, the employees couldn’t leave the little one in trouble and took it home.

The kitten was named Sonny, washed and petted

But even though the kitty was safe, the meowing outside continued

A volunteer returned to the place and found another kitten behind the fence

You could tell by the similar colouring that it was Sonny’s brother

The baby was named Sal, but it was not as friendly as its brother

However, after the kitten was fed, washed and petted, the little one softened up

Luckily, the brothers were only separated for a couple of hours

But now they are back together and the two of them will live with a family where they have been placed by volunteers

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