A Japanese couple haven’t said a word to each other for 20 years and it’s shocking why

In an extraordinary case in the Nara region of Japan, a couple managed to sustain a 20-year marriage without exchanging a single word.

Otou Katayama, the husband, took the silent treatment to the extreme, withholding verbal communication from his wife Yumi, despite her living under the same roof.

Instead of engaging in conversation, Katayama communicated through nonverbal cues, conveying approval or disapproval with grunts and nods.
The surprising reason behind Katayama’s prolonged silence was revealed years later, when he expressed feelings of being neglected by his wife.

He believed that Yumi’s attention was directed solely at their children, leading to feelings of jealousy and sulking that evolved into a 20-year silent treatment.
The couple’s adult children, worried about the situation, turned to a television program for help.

TV Hokkaido stepped in and arranged for Otou and Yumi to meet in a park where they had their first date.

In a surprising turn of events, after two decades of silence, Otou Katayama finally said a few words to his wife.

He expressed regret for the pain caused by her silence and gratitude for Yumi’s enduring support during the years of silence.

The touching reconciliation played out on television, marking the end of a unique chapter in the couple’s lives.

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