IT specialist David Casarez lost his money, and his job and found himself on the street. Help came unexpectedly from a girl he didn’t know.

Jasmine Schofield was driving through an intersection in a Silicon Valley city and saw a young man. He was standing in clean clothes, holding a hand-drawn poster, and handing out his resume. The poster read, “Homeless. Hungry 4 Success. Take a resume.”

Jasmine took a picture of David Casarez and shared the story on Twitter. She wrote that she was surprised that the young man didn’t ask for money, but asked to have his resume taken and asked if any of her followers could help. The message soon went viral.

Web developer David Casarez, at the age of 26, had already worked for General Motors in Texas. He moved to Silicon Valley to pursue his dream. He tried to start a tech company, but his plan failed. He lost everything: money, job, housing, and eventually ended up on the street. David decided not to go back home to Texas, but to stay in Silicon Valley and find work. He searched for new ways. “I call it the power of a broken mind. You will do whatever it takes to survive,” recalls the young man.

The girl’s tweet about David Casarez received over 100,000 retweets and more than 200,000 likes. Later, she wrote that she did not expect such a huge support. After the post was shared on Twitter, the young man received over 200 job offers, and companies like Google, Pandora, and others also reached out to him. The manager of Bitcoin.com asked if David could work remotely or if he would come to Tokyo.

According to David, he himself did not expect such a reaction, everything happened so quickly as if something exploded. Perhaps the story of the 26-year-old programmer will inspire people who want to pursue their dreams.

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