A homeless man found a cheque for $10,000 and returned it to its owner, acquiring something far more valuable than money

A man who was homeless discovered a cheque for $10,000 and decided to return it to its rightful owner, gaining something far more valuable than money.


Elmer Alvarez had no money and lived on Church Street in New Haven, Connecticut. One day the man saw a piece of paper on the floor. Unsuspecting, he picked it up and it turned out to be a cheque for $10,000. Most people would have taken it as something profitable, but Elmer did something different…

The owner’s first and last name were visible on the check. Alvarez went to his friend to search for the woman on the internet. It turned out she was the owner of the real estate agency “Outreach Realty Services.” Elmer called the woman, and they arranged to meet. On the same day, the man returned the check.

Roberta, to say the least, was in shock and deeply moved by the homeless man’s action.

She shared with him the story of her life, explaining that she was once homeless herself. However, she studied and built her own business.

Roberta took Elmer to her real estate school for free. She also gave him generous gifts. Furthermore, her company provided him with free housing and paid for an English course. Returning the check, Alvarez couldn’t have expected such a gift from fate. But he knew with certainty that he had a tremendous opportunity to change his life. “Angels don’t only live in heaven but also on Earth,” the man said.

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