A great-grandmother of 81 years old wins the golden buzzer with her beautiful voice.

Watch 81-year-old Evelyn Williams audition for Ireland’s Got Talent. When she begins to sing, the transformation is incredible. She transforms into a singing diva, filling the auditorium with her wonderful voice. Soon the judges have tears in their eyes.

She sang one of the most incredible songs ever written by Stephen Sondheim, meant to be sung only by a woman of her age who has lived a life. And she sang it with love, and everyone cried at the end, with Michelle Visage hitting the Golden Buzzer. Even after all that, Evelyn felt she “could have sung better” – but everyone thought she was perfect as she was.

Her heartfelt rendition of “Send In The Clowns” made the judges and the audience cry. She displayed her humble personality throughout and was the embodiment of grace. The talented great-grandmother received a standing ovation, and the judges sent her to the semifinals.

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