A girl with Down’s syndrome has been able to fight for and achieve her dream, she is a famous model

A few years ago, a girl called Madeleine from Australia made a splash in the modelling industry. She became the first model with Down syndrome. She’s only 22, but she’s so sweet and childlike. Five years ago, she and her mum went to a fashion show where she was a spectator. It was there that she confessed for the first time that she had dreamed of being on the catwalk herself.

Her mother was well aware that this was not possible, as her daughter, apart from her illness, did not have ideal parameters. Then she decided to lose weight herself, went on a strict diet, started running in the morning, joined sports clubs, swam and cycled. Even her mother was surprised that she was so determined.

She lost 23 kg in just about a year. A perfect result! Then she takes her steps into modelling. She signs her first contract, she is invited to haute couture week in Paris, there is no limit to Madeleine’s happiness.

Even the American clothing brand Manifesta made a deal with her. She even became citizen of the year. She was much loved and respected in her home country.

Everyone around was interested in her. She has over 300,000 followers on the networks. Despite life’s difficulties, she served as an example to many who are ready for anything to achieve their goal, she even has a loved one who is simply crazy about her. Mom is the only person who believed in her baby and in her success.

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