A father of three goes to work wearing a skirt and high heels, his wife is proud

Mark Bryan is a 63-year-old heterosexual man who likes to wear skirts and heels. He got tired of wearing a suit to work every day and discovered that he liked wearing women’s clothes. For Bryan, clothes have nothing to do with his sexuality, and his wife agrees.
Mark Bryan is a 63-year-old married father of three, and is proud of the way he’s blended his fashion sense.
The father of three is originally from Dallas, USA, but lives in Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He works as a robotics engineer and admits that his clothing preferences have nothing to do with his sexuality.
He realized he was tired of wearing the same suit and tie to the office and wanted to change things.In 2015, Bryan started wearing heels with his pants. His colleagues then joked that he would soon end up wearing skirts. Little did they know that skirts would be an integral part of his wardrobe in 2018.
The father of three has always been curious about mixing men’s and women’s clothing, but stereotypes dictate that crossing that line makes him gay. Despite this, he reaffirmed, “I’m just an ordinary, normal, heterosexual, happily married man.”

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