A couple converted an old bus into a two-storey house with everything from a dressing room to a bathroom

Spouses Charlie McVicar and Luke Walker have wanted it for a long time, so they spent $24,000 without regret.

The couple bought an old double-decker bus for $3,000 and have managed to turn it into a chic dwelling with a kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom and even an office.

Some of the furniture was made to order, as the space in such a house is not standard. As for heating, Luke and Charlie decided to put electric heaters here, but there is also a wood-burning fireplace in the house.

All the renovation work lasted about a year. The family was supported by parents and friends, and also got involved whenever possible.

Having already moved here, the couple also have animals, these are two goats that can graze near the house.

“We wanted to live together, but not be tied down to a mortgage and not have to pay huge amounts of rent – and so we found the right solution,” adds Charlie.

Look at how great this turned out!

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