A contestant in a children’s beauty pageant showed a photo without make-up. As if it was a different person

The trend of posting selfies on Instagram “à la natural” has been picked up by children. No, we’re not crazy, and we know that most children don’t use make-up. The news applies to contestants in children’s beauty contests. These girls know more about beauty products than many adult women and love to show off their photos. But sometimes the star babes also publish simple pictures – without make-up, in casual clothes.

Just look at how different the looks of girls in everyday life are from glamorous images for beauty contests.

As controversial as child beauty pageants may seem, they continue to exist. Parents love turning their little ones into mini-models and celebrities on the red carpet. And girls like to play in adults, to dress up in beautiful dresses … Looking at the participants in these activities, it is difficult to imagine that under a ton of makeup and glamorous trappings hides an ordinary child. Just like the most ordinary girls in the yard.

Meet Miley Court. And don’t be in any way embarrassed by the unchildish outfit, hair or make-up. After all, the girl is very young. And that’s exactly how she appears to viewers and judges in beauty contests. The girl looks more like a doll than a real child: precise poses, a perfect smile.

And this is Miley’s friend, Paisley Langworthy. If you don’t look closely at the figure, you’d think it was a grown-up girl.

And she’s only ten years old! That’s what make-up does. Now, are you ready to see what these girls look like in real life? Children’s beauty pageant contestants without make-up. It’s the same thing, Miley! Yes, yes, we haven’t switched out the other child’s picture. In real life, she doesn’t have a strained “Hollywood” smile, but a perfectly lively and natural expression.

And this is what Paisley looks like when she is an ordinary child, not a pretender to the title of the prettiest girl. Cute, isn’t she?

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