Seven-year-old Oscar was just happy when four fathers came to his school for an annual event. But in order for this to happen, the boy’s mother went to extreme measures and contacted the police.

The school in Miami, Florida, where the boy attends, has an event every year called “Bring Daddy to Breakfast”. Usually, the child would skip this event. The child was very worried about not being able to come to school with his father on that day like all the other kids. The fact was that Oscar Sr. had been killed in Honduras after being deported from the United States.

The boy’s mother, Lisa Portillo, really wanted her son, along with other children, to attend this breakfast. She was thinking about how to solve this problem: where to find a man who could go with Oscar to a school event.

The woman decided to seek help from the Miami Police Department. She called the department and asked the police officers to help her son in this situation. The police happily agreed.

To Oscar’s surprise, not one, but four officers came to the school, who became his “honorary fathers” for a special breakfast. “Lisa asked one of the police officers to stay with her son during breakfast, but we decided that it would be better if not one, but four came at once,” Miami Police Lt. Nicole Davis told CBS Miami.

The boy was eating his breakfast in the company of classmates while four policemen were sitting next to him. At first, Oscar couldn’t believe that the police had come for him. “He was speechless,” Lisa Portillo told The Huffington Post. “He couldn’t believe that male police officers had come to support him.”

After breakfast, police officers, as well as other fathers, uncles and grandfathers of schoolchildren, traditionally signed a promise. Four “honorary fathers” wrote their names under the school document, “promising to support Oscar, help him be successful at school,” WFTV reports.

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