A boy who saved up for a year for a puppy has burst into tears after his family surprised him with a puppy.

A six-year-old boy burst into tears after his family gave him a surprise puppy, which he had been waiting for 18 months.

Six-year-old Xander’s grandparents found out that their grandson had been saving up for a year and a half to buy a puppy and decided to give it to him when they came to visit. They were so happy they burst into tears.

Xander Merrow is a six-year-old American boy who wanted a puppy. He thought they would soon become best friends. But his parents taught him that pets are not just pets, that you need money to keep them, and that you have to take care of them.

Deciding to get a puppy, the boy did not hesitate to stop buying sweets and started saving money to give his future four-legged friend the life it deserved. After a year and a half, all the money the boy collected went towards this great cause.

He didn’t give up, but everything changed when Xander went to visit his grandparents in another city. When they found out about their grandson’s mission, with his parents’ permission, they decided to surprise him with a puppy.

They took him home and asked him to close his eyes and open his arms to accept the gift they had prepared for him. His grandmother “fixed” the puppy in a safer position for it and left it with him.

When Alex smelled the fur, he opened his eyes and looked around, even opening his mouth in surprise, unable to believe what he was seeing. When his mother asked him what he thought of it, he smiled and said that he really liked it and immediately cried with happiness.

“This is our first puppy and we named him Marshmallow, short for Mello,” he said. Needless to say, the two had already become the best friends one could hope for, and would never leave each other for anything in the world.

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