A 53-year-old man told how he manages to look like a 25-year-old

Edson Brandao, who lives in the Netherlands, is 53 years old, but he looks much younger than his age. The man shares the secrets of youth and attractiveness, as well as how his ordinary life is arranged.

Edson says that many foreigners don’t give him more than 25 years old, although Brandao’s real age is 53. The man admits that he is very happy to know that he can be an example for someone else. After all, people who see that you can look chic even at age 60, inspired, begin to believe in themselves and strive for perfection.

Edson leads a very ordinary life. He runs his own blog where he shares the secrets of youthfulness. Brandao also organizes individual and group workouts and has even written a book called “Youth after 40”. Of course, the man must have been lucky with his genetics, but natural gifts are not everything.

Edson believes that the reason for his stunning appearance is his positive attitude. It’s what energises him and creates a positive energy for both mind and body. It’s also crucial to be in tune with yourself and accept yourself as nature intended you to be.

Brandao leads a healthy lifestyle. He regularly does strength training and cardio. Edson also keeps an eye on his diet. His menu is balanced, avoiding junk food, canned food, fast food, sweets, fizzy drinks and fried food.

A typical menu includes vegetable and fruit smoothies, almond porridge, homemade lean pancakes, white and red fish, vegetables, brown rice, chicken and mushrooms. Brandao also drinks two litres of pure mineral water every day.

Edson admitted that he had never smoked or used drugs. He has also avoided plastic surgery, but takes good care of his skin and uses creams regularly. Brandao sees his own body as a “temple of the soul”, so he protects it and strives to preserve it.

Edson says that not only does he look good, he also feels good. He even has more energy in his body than when he was in his 20s or 30s. And, judging by photos from different periods of his life, this is indeed the case. Brandao is happy to inspire people.

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