A 12-year-old boy sings a Celine Dion’s song, but Simons tells him to choose another song

During a performance, a 12-year-old boy sings Celine Dion’s song, but Simons advises him to select a different song.


With each performance, teenage sensation Luke Islam seemed to find himself more and more. With growing confidence and his God-given talent, Luke returns, winning the golden buzzer and reaching the semifinals of the fourteenth season of AGT. Here he appears on America’s Got Talent to perform the powerful song “Ashes” by Celine Dion.

Luke chose this song as a demonstration of his ability to perform different styles of music other than the Broadway sound we know and love. After all, each of his previous performances has been based on a musical hit. In a stunning performance, the 12-year-old proved his incredible range to the world, earning a standing ovation that included Heidi Klum.
Luke Islam is one of the talented singers whose name will forever be remembered on the AGT stage. In his twelve years, he has certainly come a long way. Young Luke has already realized his dream of becoming a Broadway star. Can he rise even higher on America’s Got Talent? The audience seems to think so.

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