15 children’s costumes that will bring unrestrained laughter and make any child the star of the matinee

Every adult remembers the costume they wore at their first matinee or any other children’s party. Some will say that today such funny costumes for children can no longer be found. But that statement is reckless. Today’s children also have something to brag about! And some outfits are so funny and ridiculous that their owners immediately grab everyone’s attention.

Aren’t you charmed by this sweet “old lady”?

Children’s Costume Day for Builder’s Day in Yakutia

The Serious Wolverine

Little Hannibal

My boss made a Dr. Strange costume for his son

Caution, taking off

If you have a few plastic bottles lying around the house, the costume is ready.

The Inimitable Pink Flamingo

Everything is in the Asian style.

That’s Frida Kahlo!

The girl said she wanted to be a Transformer. Daddy made her this costume

This child is not very happy about his costume

A familiar couple. Recognize them?

Grandma knitted


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