10 amazing babies born in mixed marriages

No two people on the entire planet are the same, we are all different and unique – that is our most important characteristic. We all have different hair colour, eye colour, face shape, height, etc. Also people of other nationalities have their distinctive features and that is fine. Besides, we should not forget about genes, which can do something unimaginable! And children who come from mixed marriages are sometimes astonishingly beautiful.

Just look at this selection of photos we have prepared for you. These babies are the result of love from people of different origins, they are beautiful!

Meet Lian Andrea, a mix of Cuban and Italian blood.

Travis and Ryan are cousins. Ryan has British and Tanzanian roots. And Travis is British and Jamaican.

Beautiful little Gabriela: the girl’s parents are from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

And this babe has Jamaican and English roots.

A girl called Tzilija has African, Indian and Ukrainian roots.

Ira is Ukrainian-German-African.

This boy has a mesmerising look. He has African-American, Puerto Rican and Dominican blood in his veins.

Sisters McKenzie and Riley are of Russian, Jamaican and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Pretty Erin is a mix of British-Caribbean blood.

And this is an interethnic family, with a mixture of African-American, Romanian, British, French and American-Italian roots.

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