Woman exchanges her millions for a farmer’s life

Large sums of money can radically change people’s life plans, and some people see their lives change, sometimes for the worse, when they have a lot of money at their disposal.

But Susan Herdman, who won almost £1.2 million in the lottery in 2010, made an impressive contribution when she decided to become a millionaire by choosing a quiet life on the farm.

Susan was born into a hard-working family and started working when she was a teenager. Her father bought a lottery ticket every week.

Here’s what happened. The numbers turned out to be winning. His adult daughter Susan, who, like her father, always believed she would be lucky, regularly bought these tickets for herself.

The girl earned £1.2 million. However, she was convinced that if you hope for the lottery, you can’t go wrong. So she never stopped working hard.

Even after winning the lottery, Susan had not changed in any way. She left her difficult but valuable job as a hairdresser to live and, of course, work on the pig farm with her husband.

The woman was calm when she won a huge amount of money. Of course she was happy, but she was not jumping to the ceiling shouting with joy, nor was she rushing off to buy everything.

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