Who’s the prettiest girl in the modelling world: what she looks like now

She started her career when she was just 3 years old in the SF Bai Aria area. Lanea has a younger sister, Kai-Li. According to claims, Lanea resembles her mother and Kai-Li resembles her father. Thirteen-year-old Lanea started her modeling career at the age of three when her mother brought her to her first casting call, which immediately made the photographer excited: she knew how to pose without any skills or practice.

Looking through the first pictures, the whole team was surprised by the girl’s incredible eyes, which have a slight greenish tint. “What is your daughter’s nationality?” Ariel Stevenson asked the child’s mother. “She was born in California, but our family could be considered international. Grace has many nationalities mixed in her blood, which may be why her appearance is sometimes described as Spanish, sometimes Filipino and sometimes European.

Lanea plays the violin perfectly: having learned in kindergarten, she still continues to amaze guests with her music. The girl’s teacher advised her to develop this talent, but the little model firmly decided what she would do in the future.

At the moment, Laneya is in modeling agencies: JE Model Management Kids (San Francisco); The Osbrink Agency (Los Angeles), Wilhelmin (Miami). She has already managed to try herself in filming: together with Russian model Kristina Romanova, she appeared in a video for the song “Wake Me Up” by the Swedish band Avicii.

She is often compared with Barbora Pavlin and finds a huge similarity between the models, but Linea herself does not think so, saying that she wants to be only herself. Linea is already working with leading brands, getting more and more offers every day. For example, Disney has already managed to conclude a contract with a small model: Grace appeared on the packaging of children’s Maleficent Horns.

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