When her husband told her, “It’s either dogs or me,” she chose dogs and hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

This woman’s life has always been intertwined with pets. Her parents had a pet food company when she was a youngster.

As a result, as she grew older, her life just couldn’t be complete without her pets.

The woman discovered her calling while dealing with pets rescued from dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, her spouse did not share her enthusiasm. Tired of living in a house full of dogs, he issued an ultimatum. ‘It’s either me or the dogs.’ She, of course, didn’t think about it for long.

Her spouse packed up and departed after 25 years of marriage.

She created a tiny shelter next to the house, certain that she could take care of dogs as a part of her life. She assists a large number of pets in finding new homes and beginning new lives.

The woman takes in dogs that have nowhere else to go for temporary shelter. She looks after their health and keeps them happy.

The awareness that animals’ lives are improving makes her happy. She confesses, that it is not easy — she has no days off and works till late at night. It’s a huge responsibility, but she’s not going to back down.

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