What the world’s most beautiful twins look like now

Leah and Ava Clements are twin sisters. They have won the title of most beautiful twins. They turn 11 years old in 2021.

What do the twin sisters look like now?

Yaki Clement, a mother of twins from Los Angeles, turned her daughters into an internet sensation by creating an Instagram account for them on their seventh birthday. Internet users have come to rave about the sisters’ looks. So, just a few months later, Leah and Ava, internet users have called them the cutest and most attractive twins not only on Instagram, but in the whole world.

The girls began building a modeling career when they were 7 years old and it hasn’t stopped now. The Clements sisters have 1.8 million followers on Instagram and the young models, who recently turned 11, are actively signing contracts with children’s clothing brands and fashion magazines.

Their mother personally promotes her children in the world of celebrities. The woman was convicted and continues to be convicted online for depriving girls of their childhood.But during interviews and also on social networks, Yaki always answers one thing: “Do you know my children? No. I appreciate your concern and assure you that all is well with them! They are happy ! They have a wonderful childhood with lots of friends.”

The beautiful twins also have a brother. The boy also, who has very good looks, works as a model.

If the beautiful girls continue to work hard and don’t quit the fashion industry, a bright future awaits them.

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