What happens in a cat’s heart when it is sent to another house to never come back.

Oftentimes people choose a cat, which used to live with other owners, as a pet. And we, of course, are very interested to know how long it takes for the cat to adapt to a new home, new owners and conditions.

Once in an unfamiliar place, cats experience very strong stress, which, however, lasts only a few days. During this period, the cat crawls under the bed, doesn’t communicate with anyone, and doesn’t even come out to eat.

But then it gradually begins to adapt and come out, and hunger comes to light. The cat explores its new home, looking into all the nooks and crannies.

And how long does a cat miss its former owners? Studies have shown that cats forget their owners very quickly and do not suffer much from the loss, and two months later the cat doesn’t even remember their existence in its life.

As we can see, cats get used to new owners, especially to those family members who show the greatest care for them, but the love and loyalty that dogs show, could hardly be expected. This is the fundamental difference between cats and dogs: the latter never forget their former owners.

Adaptation in a new place is fast and there might be a feeling that the cats have lived with the new owners for a very long time. But any attempt to change the place of residence will be an additional  stress for the cat, since fluffies hate the change of environment and are happy to return to their old and familiar home, which, again, is not the case with dogs. For them, it is not the place that matters, but the presence of the owner.

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