This couple adopts a child. When they bring the child home, the birth mother sends them a message…

Today, I want to tell you a story that has gone around the internet and touched a lot of people. A couple chose to adopt a child. When they brought the child home, the child’s birth mother sent them a very touching message.

Let’s find out what took place together. Rachel is a young woman who had to give up her baby for adoption. It was the hardest thing she has ever done.Her partner broke up with her, so she didn’t have the money to raise her child. Rachel was able to find a couple willing to adopt the baby, who she eventually named Jeremy.

These people who were taking care of the child chose to adopt him.When the couple got to touch the baby, they saw a letter from Jeremy’s biological mother saying goodbye. “I would give my life for him,” Jeremy’s birth mother wrote to the people who adopted her son.

Now, goodbye, my son.”Rachel’s sweet message shows how much a mom loves her kid. This young woman chose to be selfless by wanting her child to have a better life, even if it meant she would never have children herself.

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