Veterinarians managed to save the dog that had a serious wound on its head and now you can’t recognize this snow-white beauty.

Employees of a rehabilitation center for homeless animals found a dog named Michi in Bali. The condition of the animal was terrible. The poor dog was forced to roam the streets with an open hole in its head and none of the passers-by paid any attention to it.

One had to simply look at her to understand that she needed immediate hospitalization, which was done. Michi was promptly taken to the vet.

However, life on the street gave the dog a bitter lesson – distrust of people. It was afraid of those who were going to save it and from fear jumped into the ditch and did not succumb to any bait trying to pull it out of there.

When the dog was taken to the clinic, the vet was horrified. A huge wound on the head was covered in parasites. It is not clear who hurt Michi like that – it was the result of human cruelty or a fight with another dog, but it was clear that it needed to be treated right away.

In professional and caring hands, the recovery process went pretty quickly and after a couple of months Michi became a real snow-white beauty, which you simply cannot stop admiring.

At the moment, the dog’s place of residence remains the island of Bali, but she was sheltered by a girl named Saffron. From a dangerous wound, only a small scar remained, which is invisible under the fluffy fur. Michi is surrounded by care and is a loved pet in the family, where also lives another miraculously saved dog Garson.

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