Two children see a man in a wheelchair trying to shovel snow: “Stop, Dad! We have to help him!”

Never underestimate children’s choices and feelings, because they can often tell us much more than we think. More often than not, they are the ones who make us think more deeply about certain aspects of life that we haven’t thought about before. We often see stories in which children are the beautiful protagonists of acts of solidarity and generosity that not all adults are capable of. Daniel Medina can be proud of his children, who asked him to stop when they saw in their car a man in a wheelchair struggling to clear the snow from his driveway.

Daniel Medina was driving home with his two children through the snowy, icy streets of Wisconsin, USA, when both children suddenly wanted to stop. The boys, aged 6 and 10, saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to shovel snow from his driveway. Like two little scouts, the children immediately felt the urge to go and help the stranger. No matter how cold and snowy it was, it was their duty to help someone in need!

Daniel captured his children helping a man in a wheelchair clear the snow and added a fatherly comment: “A proud dad moment: we’re driving home and my two sons, aged 10 and 6, ask me to stop because they’ve seen a man in a wheelchair clearing the driveway and want to help.
It’s easy to see why Daniel was so proud of his children: anyone in his position would have thought he was doing a great job as a parent. If they’re so empathetic and willing to help others at such a young age, we’re sure they’ll be wonderful people when they grow up!

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