To tears! “Lance is a lion heart… I promised him that I would write a good, kind story about a little guinea pig with a hero’s heart…”

My husband’s call caught me by surprise…

“Listen, do we have pig cages in the pet store? Wait for me in the evening,” he said.

Half a lifetime flashed before my eyes! I saw a pig “live” at about the age of six in the village (and it was a hefty boar under 120 kilos in weight). I can only guess about the maintenance and care, and where to keep the beast in a city apartment? On the balcony? In the room? No, I understand that the spouse is often in the vivarium on duty, but… have they switched to pigs?!

Just in case, I clarified: “P-p-pig?! A minipig?”

“What mini…? I’ll bring the guinea pig in the evening, buy a cage, sawdust, a drinking bowl, and something to eat for him. This is a boy, small, two months old. At the same time, think about what we’ll call this animal, we should come up with something chivalrous, heroic,” the husband replied.

There were no problems with accessories, and that same evening a new little resident appeared in the house – a tricolor guinea pig Lance (abbreviated from Lancelot). In addition to “eat”, I bought a house for the rodent.

“Let’s get along!” I thought.

Time passed. Lance grew up and responded to the nickname, which transformed into the familiar “Lance, Lance”. The beast kissed, licking our hands, neck, and nose with a tiny tongue. On command, he learned to give a paw with tiny pink fingers (well, I’m sorry, I raised him like a dog, there was no experience in training rodents), purr, and rub against my cheek.

I remembered a couple of truly curious cases…

The first case

The wind slammed the window. Lance in a panic with a carrot in his teeth disappeared into the house. Ten minutes later I call him. He’s coming out. I’m asking: “Lance, where’s the carrot? Where did you put it?”.

The rodent sniffed all the corners of the cage with his cheek, dived into the house, pulled out a carrot, and poked at the bars of the prison as if to say, do you want? I found it!

Case two

We bought a new sofa. The old one had to be broken up and taken out. As soon as the movers entered the room, Lance ducked into the house. However, not for long!

At first, there was the chattering of teeth (and this is a sign of extreme irritation in guinea pigs), then… And then the devil jumped out, no other way! The bristling guinea pig, which immediately became twice as large, furiously attacked the bars of the cage, overcoming fear and the instinct of self-preservation! The kid protected me, protected me from strangers!

He calmed down only after an hour. It became both funny and somewhat uncomfortable – I’m not raising a guard dog after all!

My hero left because of my oversight – I probably did not wash the fresh greens well, and the greens were treated with rat poison.

At the vet clinic, doctors initially tried to refuse: “What do you want, this is a laboratory rodent…”

“That’s right! He is a laboratory rodent, saved from “decommissioning…”, – I answered them.

The doctor got into the story and changed the tone.

When I was standing in line at the veterinary pharmacy, a veterinarian jumped out of the office:

“Imagine, the recumbent guinea pig got to his feet, staggered, but turned towards the door – he is clearly waiting for the owner! This is the first time I’ve seen this!”

That night Lance was gone, he died in my arms. I promised him that I would definitely write a good, kind story, a story about a Knight, a little guinea pig with a huge hero’s heart.

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