Titus is an extremely rare ‘cheetah pit bull’ and the internet can’t believe he’s real.

Unique dogs often generate a lot of interest and excitement. Whether they are incredibly funny or have a very flashy appearance, we all love these sweet creatures.

The dog, named Titus, went viral on Reddit after his owners shared a photo of him with a unique cheetah look.

At first glance, you may think it’s a cheetah, and that’s quite normal. But Titus’s owners claim that he is a one of a kind Albanian pit bull.

But, even after learning the truth, some people could not believe that such a breed of dog exists. Instead, netizens wondered if it was a mixed breed dog or if its fur pattern was artificially created.

There are plenty of reasons to doubt, as the owners only posted one photo online. It looks like Titus was sitting in the pet room, and the stains on his body probably appeared after he was painted with non-toxic ink.

Another theory suggested that Titus’s unique look is entirely a product of Photoshop.
Despite various theories denying the legitimacy of the image, the owners once stated on ThisisBully.com that Titus’s outstanding coat was 100% natural and real.

He refuses to share photos of the dog, explaining that Titus is his girlfriend’s dog and she doesn’t approve of it.

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