This superhero driver rescues tormented moose and reunites him with mother

A helpless baby moose was reunited with his mother thanks to the efforts of a very kind driver in Alaska. The man was driving home when he noticed a crying moose trying to cross the highway, so he got up and saved the day.

A beautiful moment was captured by other drivers!

Andrea Bock, who witnessed the scene and even filmed it on her cell phone, was driving on a highway near Clam Gulch, Alaska, when traffic came to a halt. Soon she realized that the reason was in the moose mother and her baby.

The moose were trying to cross the road when the little one got stuck. The highway barrier was too high for the tired baby to cross, and he separated from his mother.

“The baby would approaching the end of the fence, but each time the mother would take him back to the center, further from the end,” the woman said. “I think the reason the mother kept bringing it back… was because it was a section where there were no cars.”

The poor animal struggled for almost half an hour, and did not get better, until one of the drivers decided to take matters into his own hands!

Joe Tate and his friends were returning from fishing and at first had no idea what  was the reason of the traffic jam, but they soon figured it out.

It was then that they decided to lend a helping hand, but they all knew they needed to proceed with extreme caution, because a mother in distress can be extremely dangerous, especially when someone approaches her baby.

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