This stray puppy had a broken spine, but he found a home 8 thousand kilometres away.

No one knew about the past of this little puppy and no one knew how it happened that he was forced to wander the streets in the cold, without food, with a lot of sores.

A couple from Canada flew to Macedonia for a vacation and bumped into this baby. On;y the look was enough for them to fall head over heels in love with him. They fed him daily, bathed him and combed out his fur.

They also took care of his health by taking him to a vet clinic where he was vaccinated, and began to prepare him for a flight to another continent, as the couple were determined to adopt him.

Also, a special chip was put into him and paperwork was done. The dog’s spine was injured, but it was already decided to treat him Once they took him home.

With the new owners, in the new house, he experienced real happiness. The couple had another pet at home and they were not bored together. However, everything was overshadowed by the fact that the spinal injury was not treatable.

He underwent numerous procedures and can run and play, which he enjoys doing daily with his new friend, but he is not capable of more complex movements. However, it is good that the couple gave the baby an opportunity for a full life after everything that he had to go through.

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