This poodle spent her whole life in a cage in the basement and sees sunlight for the first time.

Human cruelty sometimes becomes senseless and merciless. It usually manifests itself to those who are weaker, including unfortunate animals.

And so it happened with our today’s hero, a poodle named Bibi. The owner kept her in a very small cage in the basement since birth. Five years ago, on a September day, employees of the Humane Society of America came to a search in a nursery in the state of North Carolina.

In the nursery, the animals did not have elementary conditions for life, but Bibi the poodle touched their souls most of all. The unfortunate animal spent her whole life in a cage and was deprived even of sunlight.

She was only used to breed new puppies that were for sale. Bibi was very small, helpless and frightened.

The poodle was taken to the veterinary clinic and it was there that she met her future loving and caring owner Brenda, who worked as an administrator at the clinic. The dog immediately made her fall in love with her. The woman shares that she huddled in a corner and it was clear that she was very afraid. And when she found out her story, she simply could not leave her and not take her home.

For the first time she found herself in a big house, she was simply confused, because the tiny cage was already familiar to her. Bibi had never seen the sun, grass, and at first it even frightened her, but over time she got used to it and became a joyful, active dog

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