This loyal dog walked 160 kilometres to meet the people who once saved its life.

This incredible story happened five years ago in one of the Argentinean towns. A married couple took a pregnant dog home and named it Negritta.

She looked pitiful: covered in parasites, extremely emaciated. The couple fed the dog properly and cleaned the parasites. And soon it delivered its puppies. When the puppies got older, they were handed them out to family friends. Soon, Negritta was also handed over to relatives who lived in a neighboring city. The elderly couple understood that the day might come when Negritta would become an orphan. And besides, it was becoming difficult for them to take care of the dog.

However, the dog lived in the new house for only a couple of days, and then, suddenly, disappeared. The new owners looked for it everywhere, but all in vain. And some time later, Negritta appeared in the house of an old couple.

The dog was very hungry and its paws were scratched. The couple quickly gave their pet something to eat and drink, bathed it and bandaged the wounds. Then the dog lay down in a safe place and, all exhausted, slept for two days in a row.

The husband and wife immediately notified their acquaintances that Negritta had returned, and they had already decided never to give her to anyone, letting fate decide the future.

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