This dog was crying with grief. After 15 years of living in the family, the owners threw him into the street and took a small puppy

Pets, like everyone else in this world, age. And then many owners simply throw them out into the street, like an unnecessary item.

Cookie is the kindest old spaniel who, along with his fellow Labrador, began to wander the streets of California. There was such grief in their eyes that it spoke more eloquently than words about the pain from the betrayal of the owners after so many years of loyalty.

Shelter workers found the dogs and took them. The owners were also found, but they explained that they had taken a little Labrador and they no longer needed Cookie, because he was already 15 years old. Cookie began to cry in front of the shelter staff, seeing that the owners did not need him.

This crying could melt even the most icy heart, but the owners did not react in any way to the heartbreaking whining of their dog and Cookie looked after them for a long time, finally realizing that she had been betrayed.

But despite all this, the dog did not become embittered and was still friendly to people. The shelter staff wrote about this story on their page on the social network and, fortunately, there were kind people who agreed to take her for some time.

But Cookie fascinated them so much that, in all likelihood, they are in no hurry to return her, so most likely the dog, after all that she had endured, she found a home and loving owners who took her without paying attention to age.


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