This dog, the fear of the district, adopted a small fluffy kitten and began to care for it.

A large German Shepherd has a rather formidable appearance and works at Customs along with his owner. Regardless of the weather, every day they go for a walk in a special area for dogs, where the dog trains.

It is very difficult to take him back from there, because he loves to run and play. But just recently, the dog named Tornado stayed on his site for only ten minutes and suddenly wanted to go home, which was very strange.

The owner also noticed that the dog turned his face away from him and seemed to be holding something in his mouth. Having examined, he noticed that he had a kitten in his mouth. It was very small, thin and dirty, so much so that it was terrible to look at him. The owner took the cat and they went home together.

At first they fed the cat, since it could not even eat on its own, then they had to give it milk with a syringe. Then the man bathed the baby, and the dog all this time watched it with curiosity. At the slightest squeak of the kitten, Tornado would shudder.

It turned out that the cat is female, which would cause a lot of problems as they grow older. Tornado approached the little girl, with great care took the towel on which she fell asleep in his mouth and carried it to him. He looked at the sleeping fluffy ball for a long time, and then he fell asleep next to her.

Now the little cat is manipulating the adult dog with might and main, and he seems to be happy to indulge all her whims, although in the case of his fellow tribesmen he would never tolerate this.

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