The woman who did not have a place to stay rejected going to the shelter as she cannot take her dogs with her

No one even hesitates that dogs are the most loyal friends of humans. Dogs not only love us but are always ready to take risks to protect us.

This is a story about a woman who lives in Tijuana and has the same love for her dogs. She could live in the shelter but rejected doing so as she cannot take her dogs with her. So she did not want the animals to stay alone on the street.

When one photographer captured the woman with her dogs this story became popular. The woman was surrounded by 6 dogs. Unless the conditions they shared warmth and love.

So she always refused to go to the shelter and live there. But then the police workers decided to take the woman to the shelter. So she promised them not to stay at the place anymore.


So, she stayed at her son’s place but came back to see her loyal friends.

The authorities finally understood that the woman would never leave her dogs alone.

So, they decided to take the woman to a place where she can live with her friends.

Now she is with her dogs and can live a better life with them.

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