The woman saw a dog with a sad look and gave up everything to save it

Jaripo, 18, was brought to an orphanage in Pennsylvania by his owner. He said the dog had an incurable disease and needed to be euthanized. The shelter staff examined the animal, and did not notice any signs of a terrible disease, they decided to wait a bit, suddenly someone wants to take responsibility for caring for the old dog.

They made a post about him on Facebook. The story of Jaripo has touched many people because abandoning an animal that you have been with for 18 years just because he has grown old is not at all a humane act. However, no one dared to take him to himself. As time went.

This post was seen by Christina Morgan, founder of Paw Works in California

The woman knew that in the shelter where Jaripo lives, they would not wait long, and, perhaps, the animal would be euthanized. Christina decided to go! The way was not close, about two hours. On the way, she called to warn that she was coming, but no one gave guarantees that the dog would stay until her arrival …

But she still made it! She also adopted several dogs and cats from the shelter.

It turned out that Jaripo did indeed have some health problems: his bones and teeth suffered, but he was 18 years old!

In the future, the dog will find a home to live out the rest of his life happily!

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