The wolf fell into a trap, and her lover did not leave her alone wounded.

An extraordinarily beautiful pair of tundra wolves lives in one of the zoos of the capital, and watching them is a pure pleasure. But, if you look closely, you can see that the female is limping.

Obviously, she had has a serious injury, after which she never fully recovered. However, this becomes unimportant when you pay attention to the way her lover looks at her.

This story is sad, but at the same time optimistic and hopeful, it is incredibly touching and can even become an example for people.

A group, walking through the taiga forest, came across a pair of wolves. And they didn’t even try to attack these people. The group just wanted to avoid this unusual couple, until one person noticed that the female wolf was in trouble. She had her right paw in a trap. The trap was possibly set by poachers.

People began to think about how to help them. Or maybe just go? If the wolf was alone, it would be easier to help, but her companion was nearby, so it was quite dangerous to approach her, because people thought that the wolf wouldn’t let them close.

Yet, people decided that it was cruel to leave the animal in such a state, but taking only the female would also cruel, because the strong bonds that bind the couple was obvious. The animals were given sleeping pills and the male was transported to the zoo, and the female for treatment. The treatment was long, and the wolf herself, without her companion, behaved very aggressively, rushing around the cage, which only slowed down the recovery process. Someone finally offered to reunite the couple and was right.

When the wolf appeared nearby, the she calmed down immediately and the treatment went faster. But, unfortunately, the didn’t manage to treat her, and she simply couldn’t survive in the forest limping. So they were left in the zoo, where, though not free, they could still be together. They care about each other and spend all the time together.

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