The whole family was trying to persuade this big malamute to take a bath, even the cat.

Alaskan Malamutes are an old well-known breed that was bred by the Eskimos. They have always been assistants to people in difficult conditions.

These are wonderful helpers and companions who were able to pull heavy carts and walk great distances.

However, our today’s hero has never been to the northern regions and does not particularly like water procedures, to such an extent that they have to teach him to even bath with the whole family. The hefty Alaskan Malamute Phil is a family favorite. He needs to take a bath, however, the dog does not really like it.

The owners try not to put pressure on him, but only persuade, trying to attract him with treats. By the way, the whole family is gathered in the bathroom. Spouses, their small child and, even a house cat did not stand aside. Phil himself tries to walk around the room, and then he hides in a corner and turns away, as if he does not notice anything.

The owner attracted him with peanut butter, the dog tried it, but so far does not give up and turns away to the wall. And then he went for a trick: he smeared the wall of the bathtub with butter and put it on the side. Phil put his paws on the bath, but then changed his mind and yet the owner had already dragged him there.

In the meantime, the cat did not waste time and stole the treat that was intended for Phil. After finishing the bath, Phil dusted himself off impatiently and went to mind his business.

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