The volunteers rescued a dog and found a new home for him.

Nickie was the most ordinary homeless German Shepherd. He had no family and lived on the street, where it was more comfortable. For unknown reasons, his paw was injured and caused inconvenience to the dog. Several people found Nickie and saw the paw and took him to the vet. Veterinarians would be happy to help the dog, but the people who found him did not have enough money. The clinic could not cure the dog for free, so they could not help.

After this incident, another person noticed the dog on the street, lying in the snow. Confusion didn’t stop him and he took a picture of Nickie, after which he posted it in a group with volunteers who helped the animals. It was thanks to that group that volunteers noticed the dog. In a short time, the required amount of money was collected, with the help of the fund that they opened.

Nickie was cured, and new owners were found easily. There were many who wanted to become his new family and take care of the dog. As a result, the dog was entrusted to people who were happy to take him home. His new name is Marlene, that’s what the new owners called him. There were some difficulties with adaptation. The family also has several cats and at first the cats were not entirely happy with the addition to the family.

But the dog was very friendly and nice. Very soon, the kittens fell in love with Marlene and became attached to him. At first, Marlene was afraid of everything. Even the smallest things and the slightest noise. Because of this, he left the house every time. There were great difficulties in this, but the dog with a loving family coped with everything. And now Marlene lives a full life. And the dog’s paw is in an ideal condition and nothing is left of the past Nickie- not a broken paw, not appearance, not even the name.

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