The travellers took a risk and took the dying puppy away from India, facing many difficulties. But later the dog changed their lives

This dog’s story is like the movie Slumdog Millionaire with a happy ending.

The owner tells us that Chapati could have died on the Indian streets as a baby, but was miraculously rescued and is now a traveller and blogging star. The dog has found a loving family, visited 14 countries and its social media pages help people to keep their pets with them when they travel. We invite you to follow its difficult fate, which became a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Meet Chapati!

This story might not have been there, if vacationers in India Kristina and Yevgeny from Kiev did not turn on the dark street, where they heard the harrowing cry of a puppy.

The baby was barely a month old and it was becoming clear that it would not survive on the streets

The couple sneaked the dog into the hotel unnoticed, but the dog was disturbing the guests in every way possible, whining and howling.

Later it was discovered that the baby had a dislocated paw and was plagued by fleas, ticks and worms

The rescuers gave the unfortunate dog the name “Chapati”, which means “thin unleavened bread” in Hindi, which the dog resembled because of its thickness and colour

After going through many difficulties with Chapati’s treatment, Yevgeny and Kristina realised that they had become attached to it and would not be able to give it to other people.

But taking a dog out of a foreign country seemed almost impossible!

In spite of everything, the impossible is possible if one really wants it. The young people began collecting documents for their new friend, while taking Chapati around India by train. In the meantime, the visa was running out, the money was almost gone, and Chapati was too young for the necessary vaccinations.

Will they have to part with their new friend after all?

But Christina found a way out: the pedestrian border between India and Nepal was rumoured to have less stringent controls. The family dared to cross at their own risk with their dog and… it worked!

This is how Chapati ended up in Nepal

The dog grew up, got its papers, and the next point on the map of its adventures was Thailand.

Chapati is now travelling around the world with its owners, who admit that the meeting was not only life-changing for the little dog, but also for them

Chapati is not just a travel dog, but also an Instagram star, where the young blogger currently has 24,600 followers and also has a Facebook page.

On social media, Chapati’s adventures are narrated on its own behalf, further captivating audiences

The information on the Chapati pages is not only entertaining, but also useful: the owners’ task was not only to tell the world about their wonderful find, but also to help other people travel with the animals

The first lectures and webinars took place in early February

And they have many adventures and new countries ahead of them

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