The train’s heroic crew rescues a lynx frozen on the tracks minutes before the train left.

A wild lynx has found itself in a very delicate situation after its hind legs were frozen to death on railroad tracks in British Columbia.

Luckily, the helpless animal got a second chance thanks to the train crew who rescued him in a blink of an eye. But this was not an easy escape, as a train was due to pass in a few minutes, and it was rather difficult to approach the frightened animal.

It was a normal working day for Coby Reed and his colleagues, who work as a railroad inspectors in Trail, British Columbia.

It was quite early in the morning when the crew began to inspect the tracks as part of their daily work.

The team had to make sure that there are no obstacles on the tracks. Only this time it wasn’t like that. As they approached the Columbia River, they noticed something stuck in the tracks.

As the team got closer, the men realized it was a lynx. Coby and his team at first thought the lynx didn’t want to leave, as her breakfast – well, what was left of her – (the duck, that was probably her pray) was in front of her.

But they soon realized that the lynx really couldn’t get away. Due to the extreme cold, her feet stuck to the rails.

With less than half an hour before the next train arrived, the team knew they needed to act quickly if they were to save the helpless lynx.

So they decided to carefully approach the animal, cover its head with one of their jackets, and then release it.

But the rescue turned out to be much more difficult than they thought, because the lynx felt threatened when the crew approached her, and she was far from being kind. However, the dedicated people finally manage to free the poor animal!

“We went up to her first and were going to cover her with a coat,” Cobe told Radio West. “It definitely wasn’t the cute cat you see in the picture.”

The crew even filmed the rescue, and Kobe later shared the news on Facebook. “Today I rescued this little girl, she was having breakfast (duck) and froze on the rails,” he wrote. “We got hot water and set her free.”

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