The soldier who became friends with a stray kitten raised money to bring it to Delaware

Dan Brissey went to serve and military actions forced him to be transferred from his home.

He knew that he was doing essential work but he felt so lonely.

But everything suddenly changed. He saw 4 cats next to the construction. When he saw a red cat he understood that it was the only creature who could stay alive.

Dan approached the cat. Surprisingly the cat came closer instead of running away. So, the man decided to take the baby. And they became his only best friend in that country.

But after several years he already had to return home.

So, he decided to take the animal with him.

It turned out that it was not an easy job to take the animal on board with you.

And he had to spend huge money to prepare everything necessary for it.

The cat also had to pass all vaccinations, which depends on huge amounts.

He did not want to give up and called a fundraiser to find a home for Sully.

And everything was good.

He gathered everything necessary for the animal and they both returned to his homeland.

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