The plumpest lips in the world: what a baby who looks like a doll looks like

Little beauty Caddy Joan Walton is not even 1.5 years old yet, but she’s already a real Instagram star. It’s all thanks to her unusual doll face and, more specifically, her adorable chubby lips. Just look at them! There are more and more enthusiastic comments every day under the photos of the little girl, which her mum Ida Jaffune constantly posts online.

Sometimes, though, there are sceptical comments. Not all followers believe that Caddy’s plump lips are not the result of photoshop or fillers. Honestly, looking at Ida’s lips, one would believe it to be true. Unless, of course, a plastic surgeon was working on them at the time.

The girl’s striking beauty is most likely the result of race mixing – the mixing of blood from people of different races. After all, her mother is from Kenya and her father, Mark Walton, is from Asia. Incidentally, Caddy has an older brother Raymond, but he looks more like his father and did not inherit his mother’s lips.

Some followers are confused by the fact that Caddy’s mouth is always open and ask if the girl has a birth defect.

If this unusual doll-like appearance really isn’t artificially created, one can imagine what a beauty this girl will be in 15-20 years.

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